Welcome To The Home of " OooWee !!! Gourmet BBQ Sauce"

          What Ch'a Got the Competition Don't ?

  We have three flavors of the World's Finest  Gourmet BBQ Sauces:

                        Mild, Sweet & Tangy, Hot & Spicy



  * Our Sauces are made with seven ingredients. 


    * Our products are Trans-fat  and gluten free"

     * Only the finest natural ingredients, no caramel color


  OooWee!! It's so dag'on good, all natural, and healthy

So what cha' waitin' for ?



                 "Just one smack and you''ll be back "

         OooWee!!! the Entertainment of all Barbecues..


                                                              Chef Carol



 This is my husband Brian  and this is how we started  from home production  to Texas based Professional manufacturing  in the year 1999   San Antonio ,Texas
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